Investarit AG (Member of the DCP Group)

Your reliable partner for comprehensive Asset Management

Independent of third parties and without conflicts of interest

Individual investment concepts, classic investment policy, serious approach and international experience are our assets.

Investarit AG ensures that the value of your assets is maintained and increased – so that you and your descendants can face the future with confidence.

You will find in us a competent partner who takes your concerns seriously and puts them into practice, relieving you of worries about the growth and security of your assets.

Investarit AG is a member of SRO VQF - an officially recognized self-regulatory organization (SRO) pursuant to the Federal Act on combating of money laundering and the prevention of the financing of terrorism in the financial sector (AMLA).

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Investor’s universe

We ensure that your money brings you a better quality of life

As independent advisers, we accompany you in all financial matters. We take care of your stock market transactions and sensible asset allocation in other areas.

Long-term investments in industrial companies, shareholdings in non-quoted companies (private equity) and income-producing investments in property are just as much a part of our investor’s universe as jewellery, antiques, works of art or ecological projects.

More extensive assets should be spread among the widest possible types of investment. Asset diversification strategies are able to even out fluctuations, while preserving and increasing your wealth.

Investor's universe

Our expertise

Through our long-standing, trusted and international network, we have the expertise to help you with non-listed companies (private equity), income investments in real estate, jewellery, antiques, art and ecological projects.